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Hello, welcome to my page! I am Ganga Adhikari and I am currently studying Data Science at NKU.

Early Life

I am originally from Nepal. My family migrated to the United States when I was 8 years old. My parents have not had a formal education but they have done everything to pave the path for me and my siblings. My oldest brother got a bachelor's degree in Physics and got a masters in statistics. Ever since I started going to school, mathematics was the course that I excelled in the most and enjoyed the most. I do not remember when I was first introduced to mathematics but I am positive that I first learned to count. I have always been ahead of my peers when it comes to mathematics and I have won a few awards in my early life but once I got into Geometry and Calculus, I did not perform as well in terms of grades. I struggle with higher-level mathematics and statistics now but I still enjoy learning these topics. Although I struggle with the concepts, I still enjoy the topic a lot and I would like to continue to learn more throughout my life.

I chose to major in data science because of my experiences from high school. I enjoyed the AP Statistics course that I took and I also enjoyed programming so I thought that majoring in data science was the perfect choice for me. I have struggled a lot more than I had initially expected but I have also learned a handful of life skills and I do not regret any bit of it.

Recent Experiences

As stated above, I am currently a Data Science major but still not completely clear on the career path. I certainly enjoy the topics and I have been able to perform the tasks of a Data Scientists at my internships. My first internship was in IT as a Software Release Engineer where I focused on the deployment of web applications but I am currently working in Business Intelligence where I created a model to predict customer returns in the next 30 days. I will be working as an Enterprise Data Management Intern this summer. With these experiences, it is clear to me that I enjoy the field of data so I would like to stick in the field but not sure about the role.

What Comes Next?

The highest priority for me is to get my bachelor's in Data Science. I enjoy the topic of finance a lot as well so I would like to explore other roles in the field of FinTech with future internship opportunities. I certainly enjoy applied mathematics more and what inspires me to learn more mathematics and statistics is the work that can be produced when combined with computer science. I enjoy learning about machine learning concepts and I want to be able to work on predictive analytics to make an impact on the world. I view Elon Musk as an inspiration because of his work in artificial intelligence and other projects to help humanity.

One of the mathematical concepts that I would like to understand is the Rubik's cube. I want to understand the math behind the Rubik's cube and then slowly expand out to larger sizes and more complex problems. I also enjoy learning about game theory so I would also love to explore the topic of game theory in the future.

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