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== Topic #1: [[How to Equitably Distribute the Covid Vaccine]] ==
== Topic #1: [[How to Equitably Distribute the Covid Vaccine]] ==
<!-- == Topic #1: [[MAT194:Pascal's triangle]] == -->
== Topic #?: [[MAT194:Pascal's triangle]] ==
== Topic #?: [[The Serviceberry: An Economy of Abundance]] ==
[[The Serviceberry: An Economy of Abundance]]

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MAT194: Mathematics Seminar (Spring 2021)


Welcome to this virtual edition of a seminar!

That's an odd concept, especially asynchronously.... So we're going to be using this Wiki to create a class "discussion", if you will, about a variety of topics in mathematics. The emphasis here will be on studying a number of (what I hope are really) interesting topics in Mathematics, many of which we don't encounter in the standard math major's curriculum. That's a pity, and one of the reasons why I'm including them here, for us.

Each topic will have its own page.

Each of you is expected to make some contributions to each project page. The cool thing about a wiki is that many people can collaborate to create the final product. There is also a history, which shows exactly who made each change -- so take care! Big Brother is watching...:) Hopefully Big Brother will be impressed, amused, and otherwise enjoy watching, however. If you've never used a wiki, have no fear -- it's easy, and, like lots of things, the best way to learn is by doing. So let's go!

Generally each topic will feature a series of questions.

Your job is to play around with the questions, and think about what others are saying. You should try to answer all of the question -- just chip in a little here and there. It should be a conversation, and not a monologue. So if you've been contributing a lot, sit back and let some other folks chime in -- and listen! Ask each other questions -- challenge each other. But let's see what we can do -- together.

Topic #1: How to Equitably Distribute the Covid Vaccine

The Serviceberry: An Economy of Abundance

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