MAT194: Mathematics Seminar

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MAT194: Mathematics Seminar (Spring 2021)


Each topic will have its own page. Each of you is expected to make some contributions to each project page. The cool thing about a wiki is that many people can collaborate to create the final product. There is also a history, which shows exactly who made each change -- so take care! Big Brother is watching...:)

Topic #1: Pascal's Triangle

I argue that most of us became interested in mathematics because we were identified as good at it. Frequently that was while playing some game, or observing patterns (strategies, etc.).

  • When he was 7-years-old, my nephew Thomas told me that he likes the math he'd been doing. When I asked him what he likes about it, he gave as an example the following problem:
    "All girls have green hair; Rachel is a girl. What do you know about Rachel?"

    (By the way, I believe he was insulting his sister Rachel at the time...

Many of you are already familiar with Pascal's triangle. It starts with a 1, and then tumbles along: