Programming with Mathematica

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Some ideas on improving our mathematical programming course

  • Incorporate projects with the following goals
    • Introduce students to ideas from upper-level math courses they may not otherwise see
    • Include some mathematical modeling
    • Include some experimental mathematics
    • Encourage the writing of Mathematica Demos
  • Emphasize the unity of mathematics, computing and modeling/experimentation
  • Use Mathematica's date base?
  • Needs and concerns
    • Introduce iteration early through the use of Nest, NestList and related commands
    • Introduce the Print command earlier.
    • Introduce the compound-function earlier???
    • Introduce manipulate very early
    • Introduce and emphasize the idea of recursion (many will be learning induction concurrently)
    • Emphasize the usefulness of what we are learning through simulation, experimentation, visualization and interactivity
    • Will it be too much to learn new ideas and the coding at the same time? (Isn't this what we do all the time?)
    • Remember: this is a CSC course!
    • Review ideas from calculus and extend to DE (and other areas)
  • In the classroom
    • Meet often in the lab
      • Allow the students immediate use and practice
      • Transfer solutions to the projector and/or have students compare their solutions to the expert solution
      • Have students work in teams of 2 or 3.
      • Have 1-day tests in the lab - forgo the in class test?
    • Have larger projects counting a significant part of the class grade

Things I want to remember